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Cyd Charisse's filmography
Soundies (1941-1942)

Many thanks to Ray Hagen for compiling all the information in this page.

"Soundies" were precursors to today's music videos, short musical films featuring popular recordings of the day made to be shown on jukeboxes specially configured with small screens. They were produced by the Soundies Distributing Corporation of America from roughly 1940 to 1946, only to be played on those few special jukeboxes. While the idea never really caught on, many future stars got their first film exposure doing these 3-minute films, often as background bit players but sometimes lip-synching to the vocals of a popular recording. Cyd was always starred, billed variously as "Nico & Charisse" (paired with husband Nico) or "Charisse & Ford". She mostly danced in them, occasionally lip-synching to someone else's vocal.

This Love of Mine - 1942
  with Gary Leon, Stan Kenton Orchestra
Magic of Magnolias - 1942
  with Donald Novis, Ted Fio Rito Orchestra
Did anyone call? - 1941
  with Dick Hogan, David Rose Orchestra
I knew it would be this way (as Charisse & Ford) - 1941
  with David Rose Orchestra
Poeme (as Charisse & Ford) - 1941
  with David Rose Orchestra
Rhumba Serenade (as Nico & Charisse) - 1941
  with Mills Rhumba Orchestra

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