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Cyd Charisse: The Quiz! (1)

Think you know Cyd Charisse and her movies well? Take the test!
Quiz #1 is about her biography and her filmography. All the answers can be found on this site.

1.  Which of the following actors never had Cyd Charisse as a partner in a movie ?
  a.) Montgomery Clift   b.) Dean Martin
  c.) Rock Hudson   d.) Stewart Granger
2.  In 1943, under which name is Cyd Charisse credited for her parts in "Something To Shout About" and "Mission To Moscow" ?
  a.) Lily Norwood   b.) Tula Ellice Finklea
  c.) Felia Sidorova   d.) Courteney Cox
3.  In which movie does Cyd Charisse play the part of a Native American ?
  a.) "Mark of the Renegade"   b.) "The Kissing Bandit"
  c.) "The Wild North"   d.) "Dances with Wolves"
4.  Which of these actresses never appeared among the credits of a movie featuring Cyd Charisse ?
  a.) Virginia O'Brien   b.) Esther Williams
  c.) Lucille Ball   d.) Ginger Rogers
5.  Which singer was Cyd Charisse's voice double in "The Band Wagon" ?
  a.) Carole Richards   b.) India Adams
  c.) Marion Doenges   d.) Britney Spears
6.  Which of the following TV shows did Cyd Charisse appear in ?
  a.) "The Dukes of Hazzard"   b.) "Knight Rider"
  c.) "C.H.I.P.S."   d.) "The Fall Guy"
7.  On the cover of which magazine did Cyd Charisse appear, June 29, 1953 ?
  a.) Modern Screen   b.) Playboy
  c.) Life   d.) Photoplay
8.  In which city did the shooting of "Black Tights" take place ?
  a.) Milan   b.) Hollywood
  c.) Paris   d.) London
9.  In which city could people see Cyd Charisse on stage, in the show "No, No Nanette", in 1972 ?
  a.) Melbourne   b.) London
  c.) New York   d.) Las Vegas
10.  In which of the following movies does Cyd Charisse not wear pointe shoes ?
  a.) "Ziegfeld Follies"   b.) "The Unfinished Dance"
  c.) "Words and Music"   d.) "Till the Clouds Roll by"
11.  Which of the following movies was not directed by Vincente Minnelli ?
  a.) "Brigadoon"   b.) "Singin' in the Rain"
  c.) "The Band Wagon"   d.) "Two Weeks in Another Town"
12.  In which of the following movies should Cyd Charisse have appeared, finally letting her part to Ann Miller because of an injury ?
  a.) "Easter Parade"   b.) "On the Town"
  c.) "Kiss Me Kate"   d.) "Two Tickets to Broadway"
13.  What is the name of Cyd Charisse and Tony Martin's son ?
  a.) Nico   b.) Tony Jr.
  c.) Ernest   d.) Ricardo
14.  Which of these pictures is not Cyd Charisse ?
  a.)     b.)  
  c.)     d.)  
15.  To which studios did MGM "lend" Cyd Charisse and Ricardo Montalban for the movie "Mark of the Renegade" (1951) ?
  a.) Universal International   b.) Twentieth Century Fox
  c.) Columbia Pictures   d.) Paramount Pictures
16.  Where was Cyd Charisse born ?
  a.) in California   b.) in Mexico
  c.) in Aruba   d.) in Texas
17.  In which movie was Cyd Charisse billed as "Cyd Charisse" for the first time ?
  a.) "Three Wise Fools"   b.) "The Harvey Girls"
  c.) "Fiesta"   d.) "Ziegfeld Follies"
18.  Which of the following names never was a character played by Cyd Charisse ?
  a.) Helen Rose   b.) Fiona Campbell
  c.) Charlotte King   d.) Vicky Gaye
19.  In which movie is Cyd Charisse's character a reporter and photographer ?
  a.) "The Wild North"   b.) "Tension"
  c.) "East Side, West Side"   d.) "On an Island with You"
20.  Which of these directors never did a movie with Cyd Charisse in his cast ?
  a.) Richard Thorpe   b.) George Sidney
  c.) Charles Vidor   d.) Hugo Fregonese

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