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Cyd Charisse: The Quiz! (2)

Think you know Cyd Charisse and her movies well? Take the test!
Quiz #2 focuses on Cyd Charisse's movies. This means that you do not need to know all about her biography by heart to score well. But it will be easier to answer the questions if you have seen the movies that the test refers to...

1.  Besides Cyd Charisse, which actress can you spot in each of the following movies ?
"Ziegfeld Follies", "Till The Clouds Roll By", "Meet Me In Las Vegas", "Words And Music"
  a.) Kathryn Grayson   b.) Lena Horne
  c.) June Allyson   d.) Demi Moore
2.  Which of the following movies came out first ?
  a.) "Deep in my Heart"   b.) "The Band Wagon"
  c.) "Meet me in Las Vegas"   d.) "Singin' in the Rain"
3.  "Brigadoon" (1954) : How often does the village of Brigadoon come to life ?
  a.) One day every 10 years   b.) One day every 100 years
  c.) One day every 1000 years   d.) Each time there is a full moon
4.  "The Band Wagon" (1953) : What is Tony Hunter's (Fred Astaire) worry regarding his future stage partner Gabrielle Gerard (Cyd Charisse), before they first meet ?
  a.) She's too young   b.) She hasn't got the talent
  c.) She's too tall   d.) She has a bad breath
5.  "Meet Me In Las Vegas" (1956) : What does Chuck (Dan Dailey) do for a living ?
  a.) He's a TV cartoonist   b.) He owns a ranch
  c.) He works at a casino in Las Vegas   d.) He's an IT consultant
6.  In which movie does Gene Kelly perform a dance number on roller skates ?
  a.) "Brigadoon"   b.) "Singin' in the Rain"
  c.) "It's Always Fair Weather"   d.) "Men In Black"
7.  "Two Weeks In Another Town" : What is Carlotta (Cyd Charisse) to Jack (Kirk Douglas) ?
  a.) His sister   b.) His assistant
  c.) His ex-wife   d.) His grandmother
8.  Which movie is the picture below taken from ?
  a.) "It's Always Fair Weather"   b.) "Party Girl"
  c.) "Meet me in Las Vegas"   d.) "Starship Troopers"

9.  "Singin' In The Rain" (1952) : Which actress are Cyd Charisse's outfit and hairdo a reference to, in the "Broadway Melody Ballet" number ?
  a.) Pola Negri   b.) Sarah Bernhardt
  c.) Louise Brooks   d.) Michelle Pfeiffer
10.  "Party Girl" (1958) : What is the name of the Chicago gang boss, played by Lee J. Cobb, that Vicki Gaye (Cyd Charisse) depends on ?
  a.) Al Capone   b.) Louis Canetto
  c.) Rico Angelo   d.) Paul Vitti
11.  What is the name of Cyd Charisse's character in "The Warlords Of Atlantis" (1978) ?
  a.) Atsil   b.) Endora
  c.) Sarita   d.) Leeloo
12.  "Twilight For The Gods" (1958) : Which state is Charlotte King (Cyd Charisse) escaping from ?
  a.) Louisiana   b.) Florida
  c.) Alaska   d.) Hawaii
13.  "Silk Stockings" (1957) : Who first performed Ninotchka's character, in the original 1939 movie ?
  a.) Greta Garbo   b.) Marlene Dietrich
  c.) Joan Crawford   d.) Drew Barrymore
14.  In which musical does Fred Astaire sing the song "Shine on your Shoes" ?
  a.) "Ziegfeld Follies"   b.) "Silk Stockings"
  c.) "Singin' in the Rain"   d.) "The Band Wagon"
15.  Cyd Charisse's two main partners, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire, only appear together in one movie. Which one ?
  a.) "Deep in my Heart"   b.) "Ziegfeld Follies"
  c.) "Words and Music"   d.) "Till the Clouds Roll by"
16.  Which actress does a guest star appearance as herself, in "The Band Wagon" ?
  a.) Ava Gardner   b.) Ingrid Bergman
  c.) Marilyn Monroe   d.) Rita Hayworth
17.  Among these actresses, who has the following line in "Singin' in the Rain" ?
- "Am I dumb or something ?"
  a.) Cyd Charisse   b.) Rita Moreno
  c.) Debbie Reynolds   d.) Jean Hagen
18.  Which of these songs is not performed in "Brigadoon" ?
  a.) "Heather on the Hill"   b.) "Almost like Being in Love"
  c.) "Waiting for my Dearie"   d.) "Dancing in the Dark"
19.  Which of the following movies was filmed in color ?
  a.) "Tension"   b.) "East Side, West Side"
  c.) "The Wild North"   d.) "Three Wise Fools"
20.  In which of the following movies is there a character named Zelda Zanders ?
  a.) "The Band Wagon"   b.) "Singin' in the Rain"
  c.) "It's Always Fair Weather"   d.) "Meet me in Las Vegas"

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